Report on salvage operations submarine S-51

Copy of title page of Report on Salvage Operations Submarine S-51.

report on salvage operations

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Figure 1 from salvage report.

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Plate 1 from salvage report.

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Notes: The Report on Salvage Operations Submarine S-51 was written by then Lieutenant Commander Edward Ellsberg for the U.S. Navy Department. It was published by the U.S. Government Printing Office in 1927. As a government document, this report is in the public domain. The original report is located at the National Archives. The photocopy of the report that I have was given to me by Dave Davenport. I have scanned the report to a PDF for convenience in navigating and reading it. You will need Adobe Reader to view. Many thanks to Mark Grieshaber for transcribing the report into a text document in 1999. You may still view the text document of the report, which contains the photos/figures and appendices, but not the index or the plates. Labeled page numbers within the text version of the report correspond to the page numbers in the original report.

Please note that in the original report, the majority of the photos/figures were in landscape layout while the report was in portrait layout. This resulted in photos/figures being rotated sideways in the scanned PDF of the report. I have created a separate PDF of all the scanned photos/figures in landscape layout for ease in viewing. I have also created a separate PDF of all of the plates in landscape format, which are not included in the scanned PDF report or the text version.

Disclaimer: Scans of photocopied images and text are only as good as the photocopy itself. Due to the photocopy being bound, it was difficult to scan some pages with a narrow left margin. Consequently, some pages may be a little difficult to read on the left margin. If anyone knows of an existing better quality PDF of this report, please let me know and point me in the right direction to get a copy. Thank you. - Tara Guthrie